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Do you ever get tired of having segmented applications, having to pay for several different services that don't talk to each other? Have you ever used a CRM that was way too complicated for your business? Do you ever have issues with collecting payment on time from customers? Does your business ever get bogged down by chunky business processes? Have you just started out and want a simple platform where your business can be managed? Are you managing everything by paper still? Do you want your business to be adaptive for the future?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then PaidToday is exactly what your business needs.


PaidToday works on any device: desktop, tablet, and mobile.  Native mobile apps coming soon!

Sales Assistant

Simplified CRM makes sales easier and faster, without a huge learning curve.


Easily create, manage, and collaborate on all of your projects from one interface.

PaidToday Activity

Invoices & Payments

Create and send invoices in a few clicks.  Making a payment is even easier!

Marketplace Integration with 

Connecting buyers and sellers world wide.  Find the best fit for the job. Fully integrated client portal for your customers on

Messages & Live Chat

Securely chat with your contacts, clients, and team - all in one place!

Client Portal: Allows your clients to login from anywhere and send messages, make payments, and more. The client portal bridges the gap between the business and client sides of the job, from first contact to payment, giving your customers painless communication and support.

Invoicing: Send easy-to-create professional invoices to your clients. Invoicing digitally is as important as ever, especially since the rise of working remotely. With trackable invoices your business can keep cash flow steady.

Payments: Receive payments simply and securely from you clients, or make a payment to another business on the platform. Invoices shouldn't be hard to pay, which is why our goal is to make payments as frictionless and easy as possible.

Messaging: Keep the job flowing and moving, while keeping everybody on the same page. Integrated messaging simplifies the communication of the initial questioning, proposal, job, and feedback, while also allowing for new potential customers to find your business and contact you through the PaidToday Marketplace securely without having to give out your mobile number or home address.

CRM: Manage your prospects, customers, and referrers simply. Service oriented business relies on the relationship of between your business and customers, potential or otherwise. Keep track of your contacts and where they are at in the buying process clearly and concisely without any unnecessary complexity or confusion.

Contact Manager: If the CRM provides you with the overall sales flow for your business, the Contact Manager is a more personalized view of your contacts. Make notes about the contact for your business (birthdays are a good one!), manage individual opportunities, and view any invoices that your contact has received. From here you can hop directly to the related items you're looking for.

Projects: From a bird's eye to granular view, with PaidToday projects you can scope out the entire job including specific actions you, your employees, or even the customer needs to accomplish for a successful transaction. Project Actions with a due date set are automatically shown on your Calendar and will also shoot you (or the team member or contact) an automatic reminder about the upcoming action.

Calendar: Simple calendar with powerful automation. The calendar is where you can see the many things in PaidToday that have due dates and when the due date is up, whether it be an action for a project or an invoice. And of course, what would a calendar be without the ability to add your own events?

Activity Feed: View the everyday important changes to any of your jobs or important information that may have been updated while you weren't looking. Your activity feed will show you the updated changes for any action that is assigned to you as well as any payments or invoices received. View the specifics of any item just by clicking on it. New activity types are being added regularly!

Marketplace: Offer your customers accessible visibility and easy communication to your business and services. PaidToday business users have the option list their products and services on the Unlimita Marketplace. Unlimita is a virtual bazaar where customers can find your business and get to know about you, your team, and the value that your services offer. Furthermore, when a potential customer finds you on the marketplace and messages your business, they are automatically input into your company Contacts so you can manage their status, opportunities, and sales.

Automated Reminders: Never forget about important events. Automated reminders help you stay on top of the critical time-sensitive events that you, your business, and your clients rely on. For example, if your customer forgets about an invoice whose due date is upcoming, how would they pay it? A simple automated reminder helps them stay on point with their payment. Automated reminders are also triggered on upcoming due actions, new contacts added, and invoices received.

File Sharing: Project-related file sharing and document storage to keep the project organized. PDFs, images, video, word processing documents, or any other file type can be uploaded to a project to keep things synced. You can also use a single action to upload the final deliverables to your customers when the job is completed to make things easy and professional. Note: Files can also be shared through message conversations, allowing you to make the final deliverables through that channel if you wish.

Team Management: Add and remove team members to a company. Managing your team members is essential, especially when you work with contractors for various parts of your business. This is another area that we will be expanding, allowing for more specified permissions and restrictions per team member so that everybody can have access to only and exactly what they need while everything else stays obscure and secure.

Custom Domain: Use your own domain with on-site portal. If you own a custom domain for your business (Ex:, but do not have a website of your liking deployed, you can easily hook up your own custom domain with one of your businesses created on the PaidToday platform, so that your marketplace page has an external view that is shown when logged out of PaidToday. This is especially useful when acquiring new prospects or leads through your website, where all they have to do is register with a free customer account on PaidToday and can immediately interact with your business. The custom domain feature gives you the ability to leverage your marketplace view page as an actual website without having to build it yourself. If you are intrigued by this, wait until we release or simple website builder.

Receipts: Confirmation of payment whenever you need it. While receipts are important to keep, nobody likes storing paper. Each payment in PaidToday is backed up with a receipt for simple auditing. This includes payments that are made to you and that you make (in both cases both parties can view the receipt) as well as any of your subscription or one-time payments made to PaidToday for your application access.

Multiple Businesses: Multiple businesses, multiple streams of income. One aspect of PaidToday that is very unique is the ability to manage multiple businesses from one account. With two clicks of a button, you can easily swap companies and manage another business. You do have the option to create multiple businesses each under their own login credentials if you wish.

And More!

  • Pre-installed Project: *Special Bonus for 30 Minute Agency™ Participants* Receive your deployed business directly from the checkout page, which comes with one pre-installed project to start. This project contains the actions necessary to start your business within the 30 minutes, including adding your contacts, inviting them to the platform so you can begin to interact with them, start invoicing (if applicable), and manage your projects. This project includes a complete administrative overview project on the initial best uses of PaidToday. We will be adding more, advanced projects for other areas of your business.
  • Multi-Channel Support: Our goal from the start was to make a piece of powerful software that is so easy to use that nobody will need support ever. While we have made it very easy to get the answers you need without communicating with us, we won't leave you hangin'. We offer support through live or asynchronous messaging and email, as well as full documentation with with screenshots and video. Most importantly, we have in-app tips and hints for each feature and important UI elements to make sure that you are never confused about what to do on a page, how to get where you want to go, or complete what you want to complete.
  • Daily Encouragement: Daily actionable encouragement delivered directly to you to keep you moving in the right direction. Focus your passion and work, and keep your moral up to avoid any burnout.
  • Updates Included: All updates to the PaidToday application are included and will be rolled out real-time to the application while your subscription is active.

Bonus - Integrated Web Pages & Funnels comes with your PaidToday plan and integrates web pages and sales funnels directly with your CRM and Sales Pipeline. Whether you need to set a pixel for retargeting, schedule appointments, or expand your presence - you can do it with and it just works.

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I just wanted to take a minute and thank the guys at PaidToday. They were great to work with, very knowledgeable, and very helpful. I highly recommend anybody who wants to improve and organize their business to take advantage of the PaidToday software and support staff. It really helps me monitor my business leads, sales, and accounting. Keep up the good work guys and thanks again for helping this old school guy out!

Dennis K., Owner of Badass Scooters LLC

PaidToday makes being a freelancer so simple. It was so easy to get started that it did not click for me what I had just done. I had just taken a huge step making my life as a freelancer so much easier. Nobody likes paperwork... especially me. Overall I love this app because it takes the hard work out for me so that I can focus on creating.

Shelice D., Freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator

PaidToday has been a total game changer for us. The ability to manage our website, billing, and projects in one place keeps us more organized and frees up more time for actual project work and business building.  PaidToday is quickly becoming one of our most indispensable tools for success!

Nicole and Charlie Wenger, NRCW Consultants


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Contact Manager
Online Invoicing
Online Payments
Quotes and Proposals
Messaging and Conversations
Project and Task Management
Calendar and Appointments
Marketplace Listing
Activity Feed and History
Full Support Access

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What is a customer account anyway?

A customer or client account is a registered user on the PaidToday platform that has not decided to run their business on PaidToday, if they have one. Through your portal, you are able to securely sign in, search for businesses that offer services that you need, engage with a business on the platform to see if they align with your needs, and both receive and pay invoices for work completed. You will also be able to message with the business to make sure that there is no disruption in communication or the dreaded "I never received that email" excuse that can halt work and cause the project to stall. Additionally, you will be able to see and complete any tasks that you may be responsible for concerning your project or job that the business is working on for you.

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