Paid Today LLC is a future-facing, human-first technology firm dedicated to developing systems to transform commerce, industry, and possibility.

Paid Today was founded in Seattle, Washington near the center of the universe in 2016 by veteran engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs to help "fix" the American Dream. The American Dream belongs to all people, not just of one country but of all countries, for it is truly the Human Dream - to do what you love and get paid what you're worth.

We believe in merit, determination, and pursuing your calling with passion. There are so many people who feel stuck in their "day job" that have a real passion for an art, a craft, a process, a skill, a hobby, or an intrigue that could be a business, could be profitable, and could be a source of happiness and fulfillment for them. We also know that most people don't want to run a large corporation or climb some rigorous ladder-structure just for a buck. And while it does pay your bills and feed your family, you still feel stuck. We get it. But we also know that, at some point, something has to change. We would like to suggest that it doesn't have to be either-or. Turn your "my grandfather taught me how" weekend woodworking hobby into a side business. Shift your "can't sleep, up at 2am" interior design research into a beautiful appreciated redesign for a client. Alter your "ever since I was a kid" love of numbers and procedures into a solopreneur CPA business.

If you dream it, do it. If you crave it, create it. If you fathom it, forge it.

Your dream is worth chasing.

Paid Today: Making Business Simple

We're a team of experienced designers, developers, artists, craftsmen, analysts, and entrepreneurs. We have come together to bring to life a platform for the entrepreneurial spirits, side-hustlers, after 'day job' moonlighters, and business owners.

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