What Drives PaidToday?

What We Are Building And Why


  • Create a community of merit, integrity, and value based businesses and customers
  • Support solopreneurs and small businesses growth
  • Provide educational tools for use in any industry
  • Deliver impeccably simple intuitive software


To continue striving towards our mission goals, we need to be the best.  The best at delivering, supporting, providing, and creating.  Software should be simple.  Business management for small businesses should be simple.  We want to allow you to focus on your craft and your customers while we make everything else easy.  Focus on sales while we focus on making the sale smooth.  Create lasting customer relationships that will earn your business referrals while we remember and remind you about the important events inside your business.  We believe that your business should be able to use Fortune 500 level tools and infrastructure, without the heavy price tag, from one login with one subscription. 

But we also need you.  Whether it's a one-person shop or an incorporated company with fifty employees, small businesses are what makes the American Dream possible, only it's for all citizens of the world. We need you to have the courage and passion to pursue your dream and passion.  


Execution of our vision can be summed up by the concept of kaizen.  Kaizen is a concept referring to business activities that continuously improve all functions and involve all employees from the CEO to the assembly line workers (1). We love sharpening our skills, with intent and focus. This ranges from building customer relationships by listening, distilling, and implementing changes and functionality that makes a difference to working on our own individual personal development sides so that we can bring more ideas, efficiency, and innovation into the office.

Quality over quantity. Integrity over deception. Passion over scarcity.


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We believe that the future belongs to those who build it.

We are here to support those who see a bright, beautiful, and expansive future.  One of the best way to create a beautiful future is to create a business that can provide quality products, maintain economic sustainability, and bring joy to those around it.

Remember that old Apple commercial...


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