- Over 50% of the working population (120 million individuals) works in a small business

-Small business has generated over 65% of the net new jobs since 1995

-Only 50% of new businesses survive longer than 5 years

These common challenges can be overcome with the right formula.

3 secrets to growth

Proven success Formula

Necessary to sustain a growing business

  •  Unified business processes, Everything in one place
  •  Seamless project and workflow management
  •  Automated Online booking and appointment options
  •  Easy, secure and traceable  invoicing & purchasing 
  •  Integrated client portal for your customers
  •  Rapid & friction-less communications with customers
  •  Easy to create lead capturing systems 

Many business owners believe that it takes multiple apps and programs and high price tags to achieve this formula. This simply is not true.

IMPLEMENT this formula in under 30 mins using only Paidtoday

5 mins

Create your PaidToday Business Account

Create your free user account. Once inside PaidToday click the create business button on the side bar. Choose & purchase the best fitting plan. Fill out all your businesses info. Invite your employees or team members access to your business operations and assign permissions for each one. 

10 mins

Create your website

Choose a website template or design your own. Use your own domain or create a free PaidToday sub domain and publish your site live immediately . Create multiple web pages and sales funnels for lead capture and sales. Every website comes with a client portal sign in. Full web traffic reporting and tracking and heat map, see exactly what your visitors are clicking on and navigating to. PaidToday Smart forms allow you to capture visitors information by automatically adding them to your contacts inside PaidToday with all of the form information submitted.

5 mins

Add online booking to your site

Easily create available time slots for booking within the booking editor. Full customization from days, times, meeting providers, and spots per time slot. You can book events, one on one meetings, webinars, in person estimates or meet ups, anything you need it to be. Once created Copy and paste the embed code inside your website where you would like the booking form to be placed. When a new person books a slot their contact information will automatically be added to your contacts and CRM pipeline as a prospect. 

5 mins

Add or Import your business contacts

Start entering your business contacts or import them from google. Keep track of all your clients and prospects in one place. Create and send them invoices. Call, message or email your clients from inside PaidToday.

10 mins

Create projects

Create a project, add team members or even your clients that you may be collaborating with. Create tasks for the project and assign team members and set due dates. Upload and share any files or documents to the project that is needed to complete the tasks or projects. Get notified when a task or project is completed edited or commented on. 

30 minutes and a risk free commitment

Is all it takes. 

Get started with PaidToday below.

yes! it's really that simple, one app, one formula, and one success story after another.

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