Easy Booking & Calendar

Realtime Booking & Appointments

Easily resize an image, change the location, or increase the padding on a headline.

Easy & Automatic Timezone Conversion

Mobile freindly out of the box - and if you desire, easy to optimize for mobile!

Works on Every Device

Choose from hundreds of our pre-built templates and blocks. Click-and-go!

Brand It, Send It, Book It

No code required. No "tech person" required. Enjoy a simple, clean, visual editor.

Automatic Reminders

Each page, site, or funnel automatically connects to your PaidToday CRM and Automations.

Cancel, Reschedule, Manage Easily

Publish a page, a site, a funnel in just a click!

A Calendar That Fits!

  • Set your available dates
    Most business have common business hours, for themselves and their team.  It's easy with PaidToday.
  • Duration & Time-Padding
    Give yourself guaranteed downtime between appointments.
  • Minimum Booking Notice Limits
    It's easy to give yourself time before an appointment is booked 1 day?  10 days? A month?  It's up to you.
  • Block Specific Dates and Times
    It's easy to block out personal time, holidays, birthdays, or any time when you don't to work.
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Sync With Your Life

  • Google Calendar
  • Outlook
  • iCal
  • PaidToday Mobile
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Reminders & Notifications

Increase appointment show-up rates with automatic email and SMS reminders.

Need to send special instructions? No problem, that's included too!

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Free & Paid Appointments

Sometimes you want to collect your fee before you meet, sometimes after.  Either way, PaidToday has you covered.

Whether you're meeting for coffee, a presentation, or to celebrate a signed agreement - you can do it all with PaidToday.

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