Know Your Customers

Obtain a unified view of your customer by linking their data across every channel and device.

Engage Across Touchpoints

Connect with customers through the entire journey by connecting marketing, sales, and service.

Analyze Results

Get insights across one or all channels to create and respond with data-driven experiences.

Track Traffic & Convert

See who did what, when, and where so you know what to do next.

Automate Enagement

Let PaidToday Automation send messages, add tags, and guide customers each step of the way.

Fill Your Pipelines

Direct customers to the right place at the right time to take each sale or conversation to the next step.

Define your brand of marketing

Try automated engagements and an appropriate onboarding flow to produce an acquisition flow that makes it easy for a prospect to become a customer.
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Capture full traffic and site-referral attribution

Explore comprehensive traffic and site attribution metrics for customers, giving specialized insight into which channels, mediums, or partnerships are the most effective.
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Deploy specialized campaigns for significant events

Serve custom and temporary landing pages to seize the moment of a hyped-up sale, real-time event, or specific social media campaign. Create and publish specialized funnels and give each customer a comfortable way to onboard.
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Use KPIs to make informed decisions

Leverage attribution and customer interaction history to grant your business the ability to faster and better decisions. Turn assumptions and guesses into preceptive, calculated decisions
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