Realtime Booking & Appointments

Powerful real-time booking for appointments eliminates costly scheduling conflicts.

Invoices, Payments, & eCommerce

Easily send invoices and collect payments, automate check-out, and send agreements.

Contacts & CRM

Simplify, centralize, and enhance your relationship with customers.

Sales Pipeline

Know where every prospect is at, why, and what to do next in one simple, visual interface.

Automatic Reminders

Let the PaidToday cloud remind you to follow up or reach out to prospects.

Track & Grow Sales

See all of your sales, conversions, and percentages in one powerful dashboard.

Stay on top of appointment bookings

Drive client onboarding with on-webpage booking and our easy-sync to Google Calendar, iCal, or Outlook. Instant notifications let you know what's new and who needs your attention.
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Escort prospects through a tailored purchase process

Nurture potential customers through the entire purchase process and beyond, strengthening the customer relationship and ensuring referral pipelines stay full.
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Cultivate cash flow to stable levels of growth

Predict revenue based on conversion, invoice, and payment metrics with frictionless payments that reduce the barrier to entry for business.
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