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Why Are Portals Changing Business?

The Short Answer: 

  • Technology
The Slightly-longer Answer:
  • Intelligence
  • Control
  • Simplicity
  • Service
Until now, mega-corporations have had a powerful advantage: Technology.  PaidToday is designed to bring Fortune 500 level infrastructure to Mom & Pop, Entrepreneurs, and Small Business Owners.

Now you can sell your superior products with the same customer service, insights, intelligence, and simplicity that mega-corporations have leveraged for the last decade.

Enjoy easy-to-use, powerful, and affordable software to grow business easier and faster than ever before.

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What Is A Portal?

A Portal is a place where your customers and clients can:

  • Interact with your business
  • Access resources
  • Purchase/Order Products & Services
  • Manage Subscriptions & Pay Bills
Portals have long been a not-so-secret tool of Fortune 500 and successful companies.  The biggest reason more business haven't used Portals has been cost.  Until Now.

Now a business can easily afford the software, implementation, and delivery with PaidToday Portal.

Deliver everything your customers & clients need in one place, keep everyone on the same page, and keep them connected.

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Isn't A Website Enough?

Not Any More...

The truth is the biggest competitor you have is not another business, but rather, it is distraction, and it is probably your customer or prospect's cell phone.  A web site simply displays information.  A Portal actually engages your contacts, keeps them connected with things like email, push-notifications, SMS, and more.

Big technology companies have been out-selling, out-performing, and out-delivering small businesses by leveraging portals.  They know that small businesses have struggled just to get a web site set up and probably will never set up a portal.

Until now.

Each business is different and their portal should be customized for their market, this can be done easily and quickly with PaidToday.

    Stop losing customers and prospects, stop relying only on a web site.  PaidToday works with existing websites or can replace your website - fully custom or use a template.  Click to start :)

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    How Easy It PaidToday To Setup and Use?

    PaidToday can be setup in 30 minutes or less - even for the non-techies!  

    Why? How? Huh?

    PaidToday is designed from the ground up to be easy-to-use, powerful, and reliable.  Simply click and follow the prompts.  

    If you would rather have this done for you, that is an option as well.  PaidToday offers a done-for-you service or you can hire a PaidToday Certified organization in the marketplace.

    **We want you to know that there are two small technical steps to connect PaidToday to an existing website or domain.  Don't worry - there's tons of videos, articles, and help documentation to guide everyone through step-by-step - Or you can schedule a time to have this done with/for you :)

    Just follow the step-by-step prompts and guide and you can transform your business in no time. 

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